Young Investigator Network


YIN is self-governed. The network is led by an extended managing board in terms of the YIN statute and the decisions made at the monthly YIN member assembly. The extended board consists of two representative speakers and the chairmen of the active YIN committees. All members of the extended board are elected in the member assembly to represent the interests of the network and its members at the KIT and beyond.

In daily business the extended board is supported by the YIN Office, which is disciplinary assigned to the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) and is also located at KHYS. Additionally the YIN cooperates closely with the KIT service departments Research Office and Staff Development.

Extended Board
Name Function Phone
Hartwig Anzt
Representative Speaker +49 721 608-22756
Dominic Bresser
Speaker PR Committee +49 731 50 34117
Manuel Hinterstein
Representative Speaker +49 721 608-44373
Katharina Scherf
Speaker Alumni Committee +49 721 608-42929
Karsten Woll
Speaker Financial Committee +49 721 608-25859


  • Representation of interests of the Young Investigator Network (YIN) within KIT
  • Representation of YIN
  • Managing of YIN affairs and execution of decisions made by the YIN members assembly
  • Chairing of YIN members assembly

All the Chairs are under this shared email address sprecherOon0∂yin kit edu available.