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YIN contact

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Young Investigator Network

Engler-Bunte-Ring 21
76131 Karlsruhe


Tel. +49 721 608-46184

E-Mail: infoUrb3∂yin kit edu


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Tuesday, 11 Sep 2018
YIN Standortbestimmung
Thursday, 13 Sep 2018
Digital Self Marketing for Scientists
Thursday, 20 Sep 2018
FET OPEN Antragsteller-Werkstatt
Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Junge Talente - Wissenschaft und Musik
Monday, 08 Oct 2018
YIN DAY 2018 (YIN intern)

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Contact for YIN Continuing Education Program
PEBA contact

Karin Funk
karin funkKaa0∂kit edu
Tel.: +49 721 608-45113
(Mon, Tue, Thu)

Das KIT ist seit 2010 als familiengerechte Hochschule zertifiziert.

Leadership Excellence Program

In the “leadership excellence” seminar the YIN members work to further advance their strategic management competence which results in a more efficient and innovating working group.

The following contents and questions are the main seminar components:
  • Positioning as a leader
  • The ability of understanding and working actively with market, strategic management and direct personal leadership
  • Organize the project portfolio concerning the KIT
  • Professional management of working groups
  • Leadership as personal position
  • Aim and solution orientated communication as management bases
  • Aim and topic agreement as management instrument
  • Coaching as support of workers
  • Feedback as bases of long term management
  • Competence and relationship network
  • Acquirement of investment sources


The seminar consists of two parts: preparation and a six day course. The seminar will take place in a hotel in order to work intensively with the group.