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YIN Day 2020
KIT Senate Room - Campus South
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Workshop language: German or English - participants decide
By participating in the workshop, you will be better equipped to:
• understand the German research and innovation system,
• apply strategic approaches to advance your research,
• develop a competitive research agenda,
• design fundable projects for different settings,
• identify and exploit funding opportunities effectively,
• and move from smaller to larger grants.
r ä u m e (inmitten des Karlsruher Stadtwaldes)
Linkenheimer Allee 8 …
Workshop language: German
The LeadershipExcellence Workshop is a management development program specially designed to meet the needs of young leaders in science. The basis of the management qualification is a competence model that divides the tasks of the manager into five areas:
The manager as a
1) task manager, 2) a coach, 3) an environment designer, 4) an authentic role model and 5) a facilitator of change processes.
This workshop is an interactive format with lots of practice-oriented inputs and enough room to share experiences.
Places still available: 1 If interested, contact Anka Schneider (phone: 60845113)
r ä u m e (inmitten des Karlsruher Stadtwaldes)
Linkenheimer Allee 8 …
2-Day Seminar (12th&13th of November) fokusing on the following:
- Show physical presence
- Present vocal presence
- Communicating authenticity/credibility
- Recognizing and optimizing your own prerequisites and strengths
- Learn more about yourself and the effect on others
- Recognising one's own limits - pushing one's abilities to the limit
- and then a small step further in the direction of border expansion.
Language: German
Places still available: 4 If interested, contact Anka Schneider (phone: 60845113)
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Workshop language: English
This YIN Retreat is about making your writing process easier.
Research results are often already on the table, but have not yet been published as the flood of emails, calls and daily commitments keep interfering.
Therefore, we offer a room - away from everyday work - good food, like-minded people who also pursue their writing goal, a beautiful environment for the break walk, and if necessary a writing coach (mother tongue English) who supports you.
Workshop language: German
Conflicts in teams and working groups sometimes express themselves loudly, but often also rather subliminally and in the form of only diffusely perceptible tensions.
As the group leader, you are then faced with the question: Should or shouldn't I intervene here - and in what form do I do it if necessary?

In this seminar you will get to know a model that gives you orientation in situations full of conflicts. Moreover, you will learn how to intervene properly according to different escalation levels. Case studies from the group are used and role play helps to practice right there and then.
Workshop language: German
This workshop will explain how teaching is carried out in a competence- and learner-oriented manner. You will learn to assess and evaluate the chances and difficulties of working with activating methods.
Contents of the 1-Day Workshop:
Connection between learning psychology and competence orientation
Constructive Alignment as the basis for competence-oriented teaching
Activating teaching strategies - and teaching methods
Tips for student activation
Interested? Join here (max. 12 participants):
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