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YIN Contact

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Young Investigator Network

Engler-Bunte-Ring 21
76131 Karlsruhe


Tel. +49 721 608-46184

E-Mail: infoXqg0∂yin kit edu


Das KIT ist seit 2010 als familiengerechte Hochschule zertifiziert.
Patrick Jochem

PD Dr. rer. pol. Patrick Jochem

[sci.] group leader at the Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) and the French-German Institute for Environmental Research (DFIU)
Transport, Energy

Group: KIT goup
Room: Germany, KIT
Phone: +49 721 608 44590
Fax: +49 721 608 44682
jochemFmt9∂kit edu

Institute for Industrial Production (IIP)
Westhochschule, building 06.33 
Hertzstr. 16
76187 Karlsruhe


The overriding objective of the research group “Transport and Energy” is to determine the impacts of electric vehicles on energy systems and material flows, which is achieved through techno-economic analyses. We define a techno-economic analysis as an interdisciplinary analysis incorporating technical, business, economic, socioeconomic and ecological aspects, which in our case is supported by agent-based simulation models or energy and material flow models.

Special expertise:

  • Electric Mobility
  • Environmental Economics, Climate Change and Road transport
  • Modelling 
  • Econometrics