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Dr. Mana Taghdiri

Dr. Mana Taghdiri

[sci.] Leitende Entwicklerin für Software bei der Horus software GmbH
Autom. Analyse

Gruppe: [prev.] Juniorprof.
Raum: Deutschland, Ettlingen

Automated Software Analysis

Junior Research Group of Jun. Prof. Dr. Mana Taghdiri


The Automated Software Analysis (ASA) group at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science focuses on improving the reliability of software systems by developing automatic techniques that increase programmers' confidence in their developed systems.

We mainly focus on checking correctness of object-oriented programs that extensively manipulate data structures. Our analysis uses a first order relational logic with transitive closure to handle dynamically allocated objects and to analyze their configurations in the heap of a program. This logic is then translated to simpler logics that can be handled by SAT or SMT solvers.

Similar to other static analysis techniques, scalability to large programs is the major challenge. We investigate different ideas to make our analyses scalable, while keeping them fully automatic, practical, and easy to use. In addition to developing general program analysis techniques, we study what problems arise in different domain-specific applications, and investigate how our techniques can be adapted to such domains.

For further information, please visit http://asa.iti.uni-karlsruhe.de/ 


Junior Research Group of Jun. Prof. Dr. Mana Taghdiri


Journal and Conference Publications

  • M. Taghdiri and D. Jackson, “Inferring Specifications to Detect Errors in Code”, Automated Software Engineering Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1. (A preliminary version published in ASE'04.)
  • M. Taghdiri, R. Seater, and D. Jackson. “Lightweight Extraction of Syntactic Specifications”, 14th Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), Nov. 2006, Portland, Oregon.
  • M. Taghdiri, “Inferring Specifications to Detect Errors in Code”, In Proc. Of the 19th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), pp. 144-153, Sept. 2004. (distinguished paper award)
  • M. Taghdiri and D. Jackson, “A Lightweight Formal Analysis of a Multicast Key Management Scheme”, In Proc. Of the 23rd IFIP International Conference on Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems (FORTE), pp 240-256, Oct. 2003.
  • I. Shlyakhter, R. Seater, D. Jackson, M. Sridharan, and M. Taghdiri, “Debugging Declarative Models Using Unsatisfiable Core”, In Proc. Of the 18th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), pp 94-105, Oct. 2003. (distinguished paper award)
  • R. Khosravi, M. Ghodsi, and M. Taghdiri, “Shortest Point-Visible Paths on Polyhedral Surfaces”, 10th International Conference on Computing and Information (ICCI), Nov. 2000.

Technical Reports

  • M. Taghdiri, and F. Ivancic, "Analyzing Java Programs with F-Soft”, NEC Laboratories America, Inc. technical report TR-2004-L070, Sept. 2004, Princeton, NJ.


  • Taghdiri, Automating Program Verification by Refining Specifications, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dec. 2007
  • M. Taghdiri, Lightweight Modeling and Automatic Analysis of Multicast Key Management Schemes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dec. 2002
  • M. Taghdiri, Automatic Program Parallelization, Sharif University of Technology, Jun. 2001