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Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose

Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose

[sci.] Professorin für Theoretische Meterologie
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Aerosol effects on cloud ice, precipitation and climate

Helmholtz-Hochschul-Nachwuchsgruppe von Dr. Corinna Hoose

Aerosol effects on cloud ice, precipitation and climate


Aerosol-cloud interactions are one of the largest factors of uncertainty in future climate projections and simulations of the hydrological cycle, including quantitative precipitation prediction. Many microphysical processes cannot be explicitly resolved in numerical models on regional and global scales, but have to be parameterized. Cloud ice-phase processes, which are particularly important for precipitation formation especially in mid-latitudes, are often treated in a simplistic manner. This is partly due to a lack of physical understanding of these processes. The aim of the Young Investigators Group is to develop and test numerical parameterizations, based on experimental results obtained at IMK-AAF and elsewhere, for models on different scales, to simulate possible aerosol effects on the cloud liquid and ice phase more realistically.


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Nachwuchsgruppe von Dr. Corinna Hoose


Peer-reviewed publications

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Other publications

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