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Recent Publications

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 04/2015: Toward knowledge-based liver surgery: holistic information processing for surgical decision support

Nanotechnology 04/2015: Ultra-large scale AFM of lipid droplet arrays: investigating the ink transfer volume in dip pen nanolithography

Astroparticle Physics 04/2015: Lateral distributions of EAS muons measured with the KASCADE-Grande Muon Tracking Detector

Publications co-authored by YIN members

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Karlsruhe Institut of Technologie (KIT)

Young Investigator Network

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Interview mit Dr. Timo Mappes, der ehemalige Sprecher des YIN, über "Interessenvertretung für junge Wissenschaftler: das Young Investigator Network am KIT" im Campus-Report ist über das Digitale Video- und Audioarchiv (DIVA) der Universitätsbibliothek Karlsruhe hier abrufbar.



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