How to plan and write a competitive proposal for Starting and Consolidator Grants

  • The workshop provides essential guidance to navigate the ERC application process and prepare both the research project and the curriculum vitae to address the evaluation criteria successfully. Building on more than 12 years of professional experience with the ERC and nearly 100 successful proposals, the programme translates ERC-specific terminology, such as groundbreaking, innovative, high risk/high gain, for the individual setting and explains unwritten rules. It also covers typical profiles of ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant holders, a self-assessment, the critical importance of panel selection, understanding of who the reviewers are, and the timing of proposal submission.

    Your benefits

    *Understand the competitive nature+logic of the ERC evaluation process

    *Decide at which career stage to submit your ERC proposal

    *Respond effectively to ERC objectives and evaluation criteria

    *Align your ERC project with your research track record

    *Tailor the two key parts of the proposal (B1/B2) to different stages

      of the evaluation

    *Select the most appropriate evaluation panel

    *Prepare a realistic timeline for proposal development

    *Identify and harness existing professional support, inhouse and external