YIN Grants


The Young Investigator Network deliberately fosters cooperative science projects among its members. With a small start-up budget, the young scientists can test and further develop their ideas. The goal is to pave the way for joined publications or initiate larger-scale research projects that may apply for external funding.

Professional collaborations also strengthen the connection among junior research group leaders and junior professors as well as with the YIN alumni.

In an internal competition, YIN each year awards the most innovative research proposals. Chosen projects receive a financial benefit e.g. for scientific equipment. A jury of KIT-internal and external reviewers decides on the submitted proposals.

YIN Award 2024

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT

G. Kabay,
N. Henke

Nanoformulated Astaxanthin-polydopamine (ASX-PDA): Towards Disease-Modifying Therapeutics Development for Chronic Inflammatory Multiple Sclerosis Therapy (Acronym: nano-ASTADopa)


YIN Grants 2024

M. Meretska, 
A. Butz             

Airborne Greenhouse Gas Detection Metalens (AGDM) Camera

INT, YIN Alumni

S. Saha, 
S. Benz  

CoolTree - The cooling potential of city trees at the local scale in parks and streets




YIN Award 2023

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT

S. Fleischmann,
Fl. Strauss

Can the mitigation of cathode volume changes enable stable solid-state batteries?


YIN Grants 2023

C. Debus,
S. Lerch, 
J. Quinting              

Data-driven weather models: Towards improved uncertainty quantification, interpretability and efficiency


A. Stroh 

Patient-Specific Preoperative Flow Analysis of Mitral Valve Regurgitation Through Experimental Measurements and Numerical Simulations



YIN Award 2022

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT

C. Bizzarri,
M. Tsotsalas

CO2 capture and conversion via photoactive MOFs


YIN Grants 2022

P. Friederich,
P. Willke

Atoms and Molecules on Surfaces explored by Machine Learning


K. Scherf,
U. van der Schaaf     

Oleogels from pectin particles for fat reduction in fine bakery goods - OLEOBAKE



YIN Award 2021

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT

C. Bizzarri,
S. Saha

Benchmarking artificial photosynthesis by comparing it to natural photosynthesis


YIN Grants 2021

J. Thimme

A machine learning approach to high frequency macroeconomic data


Z. Pianowski

Biocompatible hydrogels for 3D printing with light



YIN Award 2020

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT

K. Schulz,
D. Bresser

Modelling the Microstructural Volume Variations and the Resulting Mechanical Properties in Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes


YIN Grants 2020

J. Maibach,
F. Biedermann

Determining molecular orbital energies in supramolecular donor-acceptor complexes combined with data digitalization


H. Anzt,            A. Loewe




YIN Award 2019

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT
A. Voigt,
P. Schwer

The Geometry of Big-Data Clouds


YIN Grants 2019

C. Grams,
T. Brown

The role of meteorological variability imposed by weather regimes in energy systems dominated by wind and solar power


D. Hoang Monetary Policy Communication, Cognitive Abilities, and Expectations Chair of Banking and Finance


YIN Award 2018

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT
A. Rettinger,
P. Niemann
Computational Perception Models of Scientific Presentations


YIN Grants 2018

C. Lee-Thedieck,
C. Brandl,         M. Hirtz

Accompanying simulation of synthetic cell surfaces


K. Woll,
C. Brandl
Utilizing 2-dimensional lattice defects to design novel reinforcements for nanocrystalline metals IAM-WBM


YIN Award 2017

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT
F. Biedermann,
M. Tsotsalas
Experimental test of high-energy water release model applied to adsorption of guest molecules within functional materials


YIN Grants 2017

S. Betz,
A. Koziolek
Sustainability aware Enterprise Information Systems Modeling and Analysis AIFB, IPD
G. Delaittre,
M. Hirtz
Integration of electron-beam and optical lithography, for the development of quantum coherent electronics ITCP, INT

YIN Award 2016

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT
A. Haupt,
B. Neubert
Visualizing complex relations for distributional analyses


YIN Grants 2016

E. Koos,
J. Syurik
AFM measurements of capillary forces between micro particles in gaseous and liquid environments MVM, IMT
I. Pop,
M. Weides
Integration of electron-beam and optical lithography, for the development of quantum coherent electronics PHI

YIN Grants 2015

YIN members Project title Institution at KIT
M. Hirtz,
J. Syurik
Towards Massively Parallelized Electrochemical Dip-Pen Nanolithography Institute of Nanotechnology / Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
F. Löffler
J. Overhage
Microstructured peptide arrays for high-throughput antibiotic and biofilm inhibitor screening Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT) /
Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG)
H. Meyerhenke
A. Schug
Protein Structure Prediction by tracing Amino Acid Co-Evolution via Graph Theory Institute for Theoretical Informatics (ITI) / Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

YIN Grants 2014

YIN-Mitglieder Projekttitel Institution am KIT
G. Delaittre
C. Grabher
Proton-Mediated Regulation of Inflammation - Temporal and Spatial Control via Photo-Activatable Proton Geysers and Sinks Institut für Technische Chemie und Polymerchemie (ITCP) / Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG)
A. Nesterov-Müller
J. Syurik
AFM-based nanomanipulation and characterization of peptide arrays Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
S. Scholpp
A. Schug
Numerical simulation of Wnt propagation in a living tissue by a filopodia-based transport mechanism Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG) / Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)
K. Schulz
K. Weidenmann
Untersuchung der Entstehung von Mikrorissen in Metallmatrix-verbunden mit Partikelverstärkung aus metallischem Glas Institut für Angewandte Materialien (IAM)

YIN Grant 2013

 YIN-Mitglieder  Projekttitel Institution am KIT

M.Nöllenburg, H.Meyerhenke

Effiziente parallele Graphpartitionierung mit Hilfe von kräftebasiertem Graphenzeichnen

Institut für Theoretische Informatik (ITI)
C. Lee-Thedieck, Pavel Levkin Screen stem cell behavior in 3D

Institut für funktionelle Grenzflächen (IFG)

Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG)

YIN Investment Grant 2012

  •     Clemens Grabher, Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG)
  •     Tobias Jochum, Institut für Synchrotronstrahlung ISS/LAS

YIN Investment Grant 2011

  •     Iris Gebauer, Institut für Experimentelle Kernphysik
  •     Daniela Kobbe, Botanisches Institut II
  •     Danilo Maddalo, Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG)
  •     Jan Paradies, Institut für Organische Chemie (IOC)
  •     Ralf Ulrich, Institut für Nukreare Physik (IK)


Funded Start-up Projects

  • 2011


 YIN-Mitglieder  Projekttitel  Institution am KIT

C.Franz, J.Kashef

Characterization of Cadherin-11 mediated cell substrate adhesion using Atomic Force Microscopy

Center for Nanostructures (CFN)
Zoologisches Institut II



Study of graphene nanoribbonsby electronic transport and atomic force microscopy

Institut für Nanotechnologie (INT), Physikalisches Institut

L.Wegner, H.K.Ekenel

An exploratory study on automatic monitoring of vegetation using computer vision techniques

IFA -Institut für Anthropomatik, Botanisches Institut I, Institut für Hochleistungsimpuls- und Mikrowellentechnik (IHM)

  • 2010


 YIN-Mitglieder  Projekttitel  Institution am KIT

H.K.Ekenel, M.Taghdiri, C.Sinz

Automatically Checking Face Processing Software

 IFA -Institut für Anthropomatik, Institut für Theoretische Informatik

R.Danneau, R.Hoffmann-Vogel

Stencil mask technique for the fabrication of an ultraflat graphene field effect transistor

Institut für Nanotechnologie, (INT) und Physikalisches Institut

S. Scholpp

Generation of Shh gradients in-vitro by using light-inducible polymer films

 Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG)

 I.Nazarenko, J.Kashef

Deciphering the role of tetraspanin Tspan8 and its relatives Tspan2 and CD82 in embryo- and organogenesis

 Institut für Toxikologie und Genetik (ITG) und Zoologisches Institut II

 S.Rapp, K.Schmitz

Protein-Bitmaps: Protein patterns generated by a digital mirror device for the study of leukocyte migration

Institut für Organische Chemie und Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)


  • 2009


 YIN-Mitglieder   Projekttitel  Institution am KIT

 C.Franz, L.Fruk

In vivo study of biofunctionalized, photoactivable TiO2- and Pt-nanoparticles using AFM and fluorescence microscopy", Centre for Functional Nanostructure

Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN)

 C.Franz, D.Schaadt

Investigation of micromagnetic properties of Cu:GaN with scanning probe techniques", Centre for Functional Nanostructure

Center for Functional Nanostructures (CFN)