Leadership Excellence Program

In the “leadership excellence” seminar the YIN members work to further advance their strategic management competence which results in a more efficient and innovating working group.

The following contents and questions are the main seminar components:
  • Positioning as a leader
  • The ability of understanding and working actively with market, strategic management and direct personal leadership
  • Organize the project portfolio concerning the KIT
  • Professional management of working groups
  • Leadership as personal position
  • Aim and solution orientated communication as management bases
  • Aim and topic agreement as management instrument
  • Coaching as support of workers
  • Feedback as bases of long term management
  • Competence and relationship network
  • Acquirement of investment sources


The seminar consists of two parts: preparation and a six day course. The seminar will take place in a hotel in order to work intensively with the group.