YIN Certificate "Academic Leadership"


The YIN professional development program aims at supporting recognized KIT junior group leaders as well as the junior and tenure-track professors in YIN in their professional field of action of leadership and management in the best possible way.

The 200 academic units (aU) to be completed are composed of core elements as well as elements that can be freely chosen.

Core elements

  • 30 aU over 3 Position Assessments (10 aU each)
  • 96 aU from the three areas of management, leadership, and personal development (at least 32 aU each). This includes:
    • 40 aU for Leadership Excellence I [1]
    • 20 aU for Leadership Excellence II [1]
    • 16 aU for the creation of a competence portfolio
    • 8 aU for a final colloquium with the Human Resources Development Department

Freely selectable elements

  • Additional aU from the offered workshop series according to individual priorities
  • Up to 90 aU over up to 3 group retreats (30 aU each)
  • 10 aU each for individual coaching processes (usually 3-5h)

Credits may be earned from other programs:

  • up to 60 aU from the Higher Education Didactics Certificate (HDZ)
  • up to 60 aU from the Helmholtz Academy for Executives - replace [1]
  • up to 24 aU from other externally completed workshops, provided they meet the objectives of this program.