The Young Investigator Network is organized by the members themselves. The extended board manages the activties in accordance with the statutes and the objectives from the annual strategy meeting. The extended board is composed of the representative board and the chairs of the active committees. The representative board is elected by the general assembly to represent the interests of the network and its members at KIT and beyond. The chairpersons of the committees are elected within the committees.

In its daily operations, the board is supported by the YIN office, which is disciplinarily located at the Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS), where it is also currently based.

In addition, the YIN works closely with the service units Research Office (FOR) and Human Resources Development and Trainee Department (PEBA).

Erweiterter Vorstand
Name Funktion Tel.
Susanne Benz
KIT Senate / Member PR Committee 47300
Dominic Bresser
Speaker PR Committee +49 731 50 34117
Michael Färber
CRYS / Head Finance Committee +49 721 608 46592
Somidh Saha
Speaker PR Committee 24644
Schäfer, Benjamin
Board Member/ Member PR Committee 28746
Julian Thimme
Board member 41380
Nevena Tomasevic
Speaker Event Committee 42973
Moritz Wolf
CRYS 22617


  • Representation of interests of the Young Investigator Network (YIN) within KIT
  • Representation of YIN
  • Managing of YIN affairs and execution of decisions made by the YIN members assembly
  • Chairing of YIN members assembly

All the Chairs are under this shared email address vorstand∂ available.