Learning through the Experiences of other

Mentoring is a method to support the transfer of knowledge between experienced and less experienced people.  The aim of this is to promote mentees, who works with a high development potential and high involvement. The mentor has the role of an adviser or a consultant. He promotes the development of the mentees with his knowledge and his experience.


Knowledge share

Mentoring is aimed at ensuring the mentee is supported by the mentor in a professional setting, so he continues his carrier in process. With the continuing line of mentoring knowledge transfer between a very experienced colleague and a member of YIN is promoted as a future leader at the KIT.


Mentoring Program

Mentor and mentees meet two or three times a year confidentially. Further meetings will help the mentees to gain access to group of experts and important networks. The tandems meet on their own, with PEBA – the Service Unit for Personnel Development and Vocational Training at KIT – supporting them in the process.