Interim Review

The “interim review” is a central element within the YIN Continuing Education Program.

It is PEBA moderated process realized in small groups of 4-5 participants. Fully subscribed, the interim review takes up one day (9-17 h). It is offered in German or English.


  1. The first step entails guiding the participants towards reflecting their career path and their situation at present.
  2. Next, each participant formulates a current, individual issue which he/she presents within a collegial advisory process.
  3. The group’s feedback may be considered for further self-reflection.

This process leads to more clarity in regard of the individual issues and by sharing experiences broadens the horizon of all participants.

The given advice and the results obtained are of a very high quality due, particularly, to the closed group of peers within the YIN network: For one, being at the same stage of their career, YIN members have similar concerns and, secondly, a high level of confidence and openness already exists between them.