Alternative courses for academic leaders

Didactics in Higher Education (HDZ Certificate)

The University Didactic Centre (HDZ) Baden-Württemberg offers courses, consulting and the possiblity to gain the “University Didactics Certificate of Baden-Württemberg”. The program includes workshops to improve teaching skills, seminars on mentoring and interaction with students as well as continuous feedback on the personal teaching style. HDZ courses at KIT are organized by PEBA. For more information visit or


F³ - Fit für Führung

This program is open to all KIT members with personnel responsibility who aim to improve their leadership skills. Courses focus on feeling comfortable in the role of a leader as well as on how to effectively and efficiently work with a team. For more information visit


Führungskräfte-Entwicklungs-Programm (FKEP)

This program systematically conveys leadership skills in four modules: basic personnel management followed by an advanced course, communication as a leadership instrument and how to choose new staff members. All steps are accompanied by an exchange with peers and external coaches. For more information visit