YIN-Day 2016

Business Etiquette

At the YIN Day 2016, members and alumni connected, celebrating the 8th anniversary of the network together. Starting deliciously with the workshop Etiquette at Business Luncheons, the day continued with news about YIN.

YIN speakers



The representative speakers Dr. Stefanie Speidel and Dr. Christian Greiner, whose work for YIN was much appreciated, were relieved from their office.



A farewell also had to be said to Alexandra Hund who got the YIN continuing education program started in 2008 and had been in charge ever since. Furthermore, well-earned YIN-Certificates Academic Leadership were handed over and the YIN Grants 2016 presented.




After an interactive poster session, the day was finally topped off with an inspiring talk given by Prof. Georg von Freymann. As a former YIN member and current professor of physics at the University of Kaiserslautern, Freymann reflected on his detouring efforts to become professor, gave insights into bizarre appointment procedures and offered advice on how to deal with setbacks. Inspired by the talk, curious YIN members could ask their questions during the closing get-together.