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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Young Investigator Network

Engler-Bunte-Ring 21
76131 Karlsruhe


Tel. +49 721 608-46184

E-Mail: infoUfs8∂yin kit edu


Das KIT ist seit 2010 als familiengerechte Hochschule zertifiziert.
Prof. (apl.) Dr.-Ing. Kay Weidenmann

Prof. (apl.) Dr.-Ing. Kay Weidenmann

[sci.] Head of Section Hybrid Materials and Lightweight Structures at IAM-WK
Material Science

Group: [prev. YIG]
Room: Germany, KIT
Phone: +49 721 608-44165
kay weidenmannEeo7∂kit edu

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Institut für Angewandte Materialien  (IAM-WK)

Campus Süd

Research Area


More than the sum of ist parts...

The development of modern tailored composites and compounds depends on basic knowledge of their composition, their structure, their synthesis and their processing for each component. This previous history of a material influences the microstructure, the interface evolution and potential microstructure defects, for example grain size or morphology and, furthermore, the character of the composite's components, their volume contents, their constitution and their metallurgical affinity. These facts suggest the physical properties of a composite material - vice versa, it is possible to tailor composite’s material design. These are the main research topics of the Workgroup “Hybrid and Lightweight Materials” at IAM-WK, which emerged from the YIG “Hybrid Lightweight Design”.

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